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TV Shows/Movies/Videos

"Lady Haiti"  music video, Wyclef Jean

Talk show Co-Host 

QVC Beauty - 'Live' on Air

Blindspot-cbs tv show Crime scene photos of Mexican wedding massacre

Empire -Season 2 wedding finale

"Copycat killers"crime re-enactment Reelz ch. Role of Mom back in the 80's

Season 4 of Gotham

Bruce Wayne's Charity dinner ends

up in shoot out with "Ivy Pepper"

"VEEP" from season 3  Maddox Campaign Staff

House of Cards S3 E4

Co-Counselor in Supreme court

Tyler Perry's 'Haves&Have Nots"  Own Network

Restaurant patron- upscale Lunch scene

 House of Cards  S5 E.1

"Sally Pacholok" important film about

B-12 deficiencey   >

Worked 8 days as  VIP ringside fan on "Creed" pics from red carpet screening in Philly

On set of Do No Harm tv show scene with Phyllicia Rashaad

"Friend of my Friend"-

short film

'Drop Dead Diva' S.7     w Matt Walton, court scene

"History of Catholic Philadelphia" ABC mini series aired during Pope Francis visit

Paranoia movie - Harrison Ford & Liam Helmsworth - 2 scenes, a socialite & pedestrian

"What she said"

Pauline Kael


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